Here’s your opportunity to make a difference in a child’s future!  For $35.00* a month (or just $1.15 a day), you can sponsor a child’s education.  A monthly sponsorship covers five basic needs; needs we too often take for granted:  supervision by the TACEP staff, school fees and tuition, school uniforms, a lunch program and a thorough annual medical check-up. Imagine the hope you will bring to one of these children; hope they might not otherwise have.  Browse through the photos of children below.  When you find a child that interests you, click on the Their Stories page to learn more about him or her.  Once you’ve found the child you want to sponsor, please contact us so we can confirm your request.

*NOTE: If your child gets accepted into secondary school (high school) upon completion of 8th grade or attends a polytechnic school (trade school), which are fantastic accomplishments, the monthly amount will increase depending on the school (day school vs. boarding school, public, private or nationally ranked).

how you can make a difference