Rcuit develops in the right atrium as shown in the diagram below. meaning two bathtubs viagra ads Atrial flutter a single abnormal electrical short-circuit originates from the right atrium atrial flutter is due to a short circuit in one of the upper chambers of your heart termed the right atrium. This rapid short circuit has several consequences: the short circuit drives the pumping chambers very rapidly and sometimes erratically. This produces palpitations, shortness of breath, and tiredness. In some people it can also cause dizziness and chest pain. The short circuit results in ineffective pumping of the upper chambers. This leads to slow blood flow in both of these upper chambers (the left and right atrium). This can rarely cause blood clots and possibly stroke. generic viagra without prescription One of the major reasons to cure atrial flutter is to prevent this risk of stroke. canada pharmacy online viagra What treatments are available for atrial flutter? consumer reviews of viagra Atrial flutter can be treated with medication. viagra 2.5mg side effects In some people these medications can be very effective. viagra coupon In others however, the medications are ineffective and may produce side effects. buy viagra cheap If you elect to take medication, your doctor will discuss the different options and the possible side effects of these medications. directions taking 100mg viagra Dc shock. When the heart is in flutter it can be reverted to the normal rhythm with a "shock on the chest". You receive a short general anaesthetic and the shock reverts the rhythm to normal in almost all cases. With this approach the possibility of the flutter returning remains present (approximately 50% of patients will have another episode of atrial flutter over the next year). In addition, most patients will also require a medicine to try to prevent the flutter coming back. Blood thinning medication. generic viagra canada Because of the risk that atrial flutter may return with the above treatments, most patients with atrial flutter will require blood-thinning medication to prevent blood clots forming. At your doctors discretion this may either be with aspirin or warfarin. Radiofrequency ablation. This procedure carries a success rate of approximately 95% for curing the atrial flutter. The risk of the flutter returning at some time in the future is approximately 5%. What is radiofrequency ablation (rfa)? cheap viagra Radiofrequency is a low power, high.